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The United States Olympic Museum: A Testament to Dreams and Excellence

In 2018, the United States Olympic Museum will open in Colorado Springs.

The United States Olympic Museum is dedicated to encompassing the Olympic spirit of competition, world unity, and dreams. It aims to do this through immersive experiences, technology, and history.

The US Olympics Brought to Life

Goals for the Museum Building

Through the architecture and design of the building, the museum hopes to accomplish a few things. The first is accessibility to all visitors. The second is energy efficiency along with environmental sustainability. The third involves the incorporation of state-of-the-art technology throughout.

The Olympic & Paralympic Experience

The museum additionally hopes to grant visitors an inside peek at what the Olympic and Paralympic experience is truly like. For instance, the “Parade of Nations” exhibit will drop guests straight into a simulation of the iconic event and will get to see how it feels to be on a world stage.

Another experience will be the “Journey to Excellence” exhibit, where you can see how athletes who competed in the US Olympics turned their dreams into gold.

Location and Vicinity to US Olympic Training Center

Meanwhile, the museum is being developed in an ideal location, in the Urban Renewal District in downtown CO Springs, where it will serve as both an anchor for the district and a gateway.

It will be close to the US Olympic Training Center for Team USA, where visitors can see what it takes to train for the games, as well as a few blocks from the United States Olympic Committee Headquarters.

The United States Olympic Museum will be a fantastic attraction in Colorado Springs in 2018. For more awesome existing and upcoming things to do in the area, count on us at Antlers.